2017 Conference & Expo

The 2017 Heating the Midwest Conference co-located with the 2017 International Biomass Conference & Expo.

Happy Spring Everyone!
On behalf of the entire Heating the Midwest Steering Committee, we would like to thank those who were able to participate in this year’s 2017 Heating the Midwest event that was co-located with the International Biomass Conference and Expo in Minneapolis earlier this month. As always, it provided an excellent opportunity to hear and learn about the latest happenings in the biomass thermal and combined heat and power sector. It was nice to meet and network with many of you as we continue our work in advancing the industry forward.
Those on-hand heard about the suite of activities taking place in the areas of state and federal policy, deployment case studies, opportunities for unique applications, as well as approaches for system design. The day was packed full of valuable insights and productive conversations that has all of us energized to further the growth of biomass heating in the Midwest!
This time together also offered the Heating the Midwest Steering Committee the opportunity to meet in-person to discuss how we can continue to advance the mission of Heating the Midwest and deliver further value to all of our stakeholders. As an organization that is volunteer-driven, we aspire to further grow our network and influence. In order to do so, please consider joining our effort as a Steering Committee member, Action Team participant, or by making a meaningful contribution here to support the work of Heating the Midwest!
Thanks again for your continued engagement and hope you enjoy the renewal that springtime brings!
Gregg Mast
Steering Committee Member
Heating the Midwest Inc.

Thank you to all those that presented, and also to the International Biomass Conference for letting us be a part of your great event!

Conference presentations can be found in the links below.

Where We Stand: The State of the Biomass Thermal Energy Industry in the State, Region and Country

Advocacy for the biomass thermal industry happens on many fronts. This panel will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear how industry advocates are working to impress upon state and federal policymakers and regulatory agencies the impact a growing biomass thermal sector can have on rural jobs, sound forest management and climate goals. Of particular interest will be a discussion about how the industry best promotes itself to the first new federal administration it has seen in nearly a decade.

Moderator: T.J. Morice, Managing Member, TNT Ventures LLC


Unique Biomass Thermal Energy Deployments in the Upper Midwest
For the biomass thermal industry to continue to grow the projects that have survived the project development gauntlet and were built and commissioned must be celebrated for their accomplishment and closely examined for the lessons they can deliver. This panel will feature the case studies of over a half dozen biomass thermal projects including a community center, plans for an industrial deployment at a wood pellet plant and installments at a poultry barn and an operating greenhouse. These projects can and should inform the roster of thermal projects within the region working to find traction and get built.

Moderator: Chris Wiberg, Manager of Biomass Energy Services, Timber Products Inspection


Taking All Comers: How Biomass Thermal is Gaining Traction in Unexpected Applications
Biomass thermal is not likely to compete head-to-head with natural gas to become a heating solution for a significant percentage of the homes in the Midwest anytime soon. Recognizing the economics are currently stacked against them in that application, biomass thermal professionals are increasingly turning their attention to unique opportunities to deploy technologies in applications where traditional thermal sources are either impractical or not available. Each presentation will make the argument that plenty of opportunity can be found outside the standard thermal applications for those willing to look.

Moderator: Gregg Mast, Executive Director, Clean Energy Economy Minnesota

The Importance of System Design in Biomass Thermal Energy Projects
This panel will also rely heavily on case studies, however the focus of the discussion will center on principles of system design in biomass thermal projects. With presentations focusing on everything from feedstock availability to stack emissions, attendees can expect a thorough soup-to-nuts examination of the design lessons the industry continues to accumulate.

Moderator: Brian Brashaw, Program Manager-Forest Products Marketing Unit, Forest Products Laboratory