Our Vision

Heating the Midwest’s Vision proposes that by 2025, 15% of all thermal energy (energy to produce heat) in the Midwest will come from renewable energy sources – 10% from sustainably produced biomass and 5% from solar thermal and geothermal sources. This shift has the potential to produce great economic, social, and environmental benefits for the Midwest:

  • Reduce consumption of 1.01 billion gallons of propane and 278 million gallons of heating oil, thereby reinvesting $2.2 billion into the Midwest economy.
  • Supply 17.2 million green tons of sustainable woody and agricultural biomass for thermal energy and CHP, creating more than 13,000 jobs.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality, and enhance forest management.
  • Vitalize communities through rural economic opportunities, new industry and innovation.

HTM 2025 vision

Key findings and conclusions for the Vision are in the Vision 2025 Report

Find the Vision summary/brochure here.

How You Help Achieve the Vision

  • Endorse the Vision here
  • Contact Heating the Midwest or BTEC (BiomassThermal.org) to get involved, or offer feedback and/or ideas to improve this Vision
  • Share the Vision with others who may be interested. Invite them to get involved.
  • Raise issues that support the Vision with your governor, state and federal officials, and state legislators.