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Midwest Biomass Suppliers Resources

Heating the Midwest – Biomass Resources and Demographics Action Team**

Heating the Midwest (HTM) has an interest in promoting the use and adoption of biomass fueled heat and energy systems.  HTM’s list of biomass supply resources (full list can be found here) provides homeowners, businesses, and institutions with help finding leads for potential suppliers of biomass fuel when considering biomass fueled heat and energy system installations and/or for project planning.  For access to the details, click HERE.

Midwest Biomass Inventory Assessment

The objective of this study was to determine potential biomass resources within the Midwest for thermal heating applications in order to provide a “snapshot” of the Midwest Biomass Inventory Assessment for presentation at the 2012 Heating the Midwest Conference & Expo and for furthering the vision of the Heating the Midwest Initiative.  This was done, in part, by developing a regional biomass inventory database of previously completed state-level assessments and datasets, which guided the methodology used to conduct the inventory as well as to validate its results.  Most importantly, the outcomes of the study can serve as a platform to begin the development of biomass-related projects.

View the complete Midwest Biomass Inventory Assessment HERE.

View the regional bioenergy studies and other resource documents used in the Midwest Biomass Inventory HERE.

Biomass Energy Analytical Model (BEAM)

The Biomass Energy Analytical Model (BEAM) is a quantitative GIS model covering available biomass in the Lower 48 states. It can analyze high-tailored scenarios, and includes over 50 biomass species. Output is a biomass density map that identifies the amount of biomass in a certain point. It is “use” specific and as detailed as needed. It has up to 30m resolution. For further details, click HERE.

Midwest Biomass Exchange

The Midwest Biomass Exchange is a free interactive marketplace designed to bring together buyers and sellers of woody and agricultural-biomass feedstocks for fuel and other higher value products, thereby promoting the use of biomass for heat and energy. The Exchange allows users to list wood and agricultural biomass feedstocks for sale, or place ‘wanted’ listings to buy fuel feedstocks. The service is available to users anywhere in the United States and Canada, but focuses primarily on the Midwest region of the US, in line with the mission of Heating the Midwest Inc.

The Exchange is hosted by Heating the Midwest, a non-profit 501c3 organization that seeks to promote the use of biomass for thermal energy. The adaption of the website from the former Minneapolis Biomass Exchange was supported by funding from the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Marketing Unit, and with generous support from Kevin Triemstra. For further details, click HERE.