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Midwest Biomass Suppliers Resources

Heating the Midwest – Biomass Resources and Demographics Action Team**

Heating the Midwest (HTM) has an interest in promoting the use and adoption of biomass fueled heat and energy systems.  HTM’s list of biomass supply resources (full list can be found here) provides homeowners, businesses, and institutions with help finding leads for potential suppliers of biomass fuel when considering biomass fueled heat and energy system installations and/or for project planning.  For access to the details, click HERE.

Biomass Energy Analytical Model (BEAM)

The Biomass Energy Analytical Model (BEAM) is a quantitative GIS model covering available biomass in the Lower 48 states. It can analyze high-tailored scenarios, and includes over 50 biomass species. Output is a biomass density map that identifies the amount of biomass in a certain point. It is “use” specific and as detailed as needed. It has up to 30m resolution. For further details, click HERE.